Writer and Travel Liaison

I’m Joshua Samuel Brown, AKA Josambro (JSB to most of the editors with whom I’ve worked). Depending on which of the published scribbling from some exotic locale you count as my first, I’ve been a published writer since around 1997. My first book, Vignettes of Taiwan, was published by Things Asian Press in 2005. I’ve just finished my most recent book, Formosa Moon (also for Things Asian Press); it should be out sometime at the end of 2017.

In between I’ve authored and co-authored a baker’s dozen of other titles, nearly all of them guidebooks for Lonely Planet to exotic locales like Singapore, Belize, Malaysia, China, and of course, Taiwan. The two exceptions to this have been a few chapters for a book on China for Fodor’s (mostly centered on the Pearl River Delta and Guangxi Province) and a book of short stories with the perhaps tad-too long title How Not to Avoid Jet Lag and other tales of travel madness.

In between these other books, I’ve written a few hundred articles for magazines, newspapers, websites and trade publications (most notably those put out annually by Lonely Planet…Best in Travel, Best in Food, that sort of thing). I’ve also provided content to travel websites such as AFAR and Jetsetter from Mexico, Oregon, Taiwan and Norway. An avid cyclist, I’ve also written a dozen or so articles for cycling magazines and publications.

As for non-writing work, since 2013 I’ve acted as a travel planner, cultural liaison and guide for both individuals and groups traveling for business and pleasure from China to the USA. I’ve also planned and led two cycling tours of Taiwan, with future tours currently in the works.

As of June, 2017 I’ve been employed full time chief content strategist for Taiwan based travel company MyTaiwanTour. In addition to being part of the team crafting tours and guiding the company’s evolving marketing strategy, I’m also chief editor for the MyTaiwanTour Journal. I’m still taking freelance writing and guiding gigs that interest me.