The 2017 Project: Formosa Moon

Book Title: Formosa Moon

Publisher: Things Asian Press (

Publication Date: February, 2018

Research Period: January – April, 2017

Target Audience: Travelers, Readers of Guidebooks and Travel Literature, Readers specifically interested in Taiwan, Taiwanese readers interested in seeing Taiwan through western eyes (Chinese translation planned for 2018).

The Gist: A romantic & geeky cultural exploration around Taiwan undertaken by a couple; one, a seasoned guidebook writer intimately familiar with Taiwan, the other a first-time visitor relocating to Taiwan sight unseen. Part travelogue, part guidebook, Formosa Moon will inspire readers to explore Taiwan on a deeper level while simultaneously offering practical travel information.

Back cover blurb: “When Stephanie and I first realized we were in love, I gave her the talk: Specifically, that as much as I loved her, I’d always also love Taiwan, and if she stayed with me she’d have to share me with Taiwan ~ the other love of my life. Formosa Moon is a chronicle of our three-month long adventure around Taiwan, one designed to seduce Stephanie into falling in love with Taiwan.”

Other Media: JSB is a prolific travel writer specializing in Taiwan, so expect to see at least a dozen articles from the trip in various media outlets and linked to this page throughout 2017. In addition, JSB & Stephanie’s romantic & geeky cultural exploration of Taiwan can be followed via…

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