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I started writing for Lonely Planet in 2007 as a co-author on the seventh edition of Lonely Planet Taiwan. From there I headed – in both the literal and literary sense – to Belize, Singapore, China and Malaysia on various Lonely Planet assignments, authoring or co-authoring thirteen guidebooks for the company.

I kept a regular blog during my years on the road for Lonely Planet called Snarky Tofu. If you’re looking for travel tales from that era, click on over. If you’re looking for tales from a specific place (say, Belize or Taiwan), enter the place name in the search bar.

Smiling through the pain

Smiling through the pain, 12/21/2012

My last major guidebook project for Lonely Planet was 2013’s Belize guide. something about that project – perhaps it was climbing to the top of Ka’ana Pyramid during the sacred Maya festival of 12/21/12 in the midst of a full blown gout attack  (my last, thank the crystalline pain gods) – told me that it was time to settle down a bit after many years on the road.

Still,  I’ve remained quite active as a contributor with Lonely Planet in the past few years, contributing essays, articles and recipes to many of their annual publications, writing for the website and otherwise hoisting the LP flag whenever possible.  Click here to check out the many articles I’ve done for the Lonely Planet Website.

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