Books authored, co-authored or otherwise contributed to by Joshua Samuel Brown:


(2018, Things Asian Press)

Formosa Moon, Things Asian Press

By Joshua Samuel Brown and Stephanie Huffman

Publication Date: October 1, 2018.

Formosa Moon, Things Asian Press. Available for pre-order.

Sneak preview: Failure and Success in the LA of Taiwan.

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(2006, Things Asian Press)

Vignettes of Taiwan

“Brown is a gifted writer, and paints a vivid picture of Taiwan.”  Patrick Sean Taylor — Clamor Magazine

“Joshua Samuel Brown is the Mahatma Gandhi of restaurant criticism, the Rudyard Kipling of professional boxing, the Lance Armstrong of economic planning. His voice shines in this magnificent exposition of over a decade of perplexing customs and offensive odors.” — Lago Von Slack

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By Joshua Samuel Brown
Illustrated by David Lee Ingersoll

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“I’ve often thought that guidebook writing attracts the mad, the bad and the slightly crazed. If he didn’t start that way…his years on the road have certainly contributed to Joshua’s off-kilter take on the world.”

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Lonely Planet Guides

(2006 – 2013)

Joshua Samuel Brown has authored or co-authored a dozen guidebooks for Lonely Planet from exotic locales including Singapore, Belize, Malaysia, China, and Taiwan, including these titles:


Lonely Planet Trade Publications


Among Josambro’s writing specialties is food, and you’ll find between four and six articles of his in most books from the Lonely Planet World’s Best Food Series, including these titles:


Joshua has also contributed articles and essays for many other Lonely Planet Trade publications, including several annual “Best in Travel” books. He is also a regular contributor to the Lonely Planet Website. A full list of his articles from the Lonely Planet Website can be found here.


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