This page covers books I’ve authored, co-authored or contributed to in some way.

How many has it been? Thirteen? Seventeen? I’ve lost count.


I loved them like my own children while writing them, but like my own children (and I mean this theoretically – I have no actual children) they’ve all grown up and left the nest, except for the few copies I keep around for reference / bragging rights.



Vignettes of Taiwan was my first book of Short Stories. Here is one of several nice things said about that one:

Brown is a gifted writer, and paints a vivid picture of Taiwan … – Patrick Sean Taylor –Clamor Magazine


This was the book that got me hired at Lonely Planet, for whom I then wrote guides for Taiwan, Belize, Singapore, The Greater Mekong, Malaysia, all of which you can buy through my Amazon Affiliate Page, along with some other excellent Lonely Planet publications like The World’s Best Spicy Food and The World’s Best Street Foods. Contributed four stories to each.  Anyone for Singapore Fish Head Curry?



My second book of short stories, How Not to Avoid Jet Lag and other tales of travel madness (illustrated by David Lee Ingersoll, the fine fellow whose artwork also graces these very pages in the form of the above banner) is now available through both Amazon and Smashwords.

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Need travel advice? Why not buy one of the guidebooks I’ve worked on from the fine folks at I’m told for a few dollars more they’ll deliver it by drone.At this point nearly all of my guidebooks are out of date, but if you need to know, say,  how much a hotel room on Kinmen Island went for in 2008, well, feel free to buy my first Lonely Planet Taiwan guide.

But really, you’re much better off with the newest edition, which technically speaking I didn’t work on (scheduling conflict), but my research is still all over the title.

Speaking of which – and I know I said that there was nothing but book links many, many pixels above – I wrote a blog post in 2008 about why buying out of date guidebooks was a bad idea.  It’s dripping with sarcasm and old-timey phrases.  You can read it here.

Technically speaking, the first guidebook I did was for a company called Fodor’s, not Lonely Planet. I got a gig doing three provinces of China. Not really full provinces, mind you, just the highlights. It was on this trip that I first visited Fujian, which reminded me a lot of Taiwan. I also did some research in my old stomping grounds of Yangshuo, where once upon a time I loved and lost and loved again. But not during the Fodor’s gig – that was strictly professional.

I also did a fairly extensive amount of research through the Pearl River Delta, including Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Oddly enough – and I hope I don’t offend any of my friends from Guangzhou by saying this – I prefer Shenzhen, despite the fact that Guangzhou has much more going for it culturally speaking.

Case in point: Though I’ve written a few articles about Guangzhou, I’ve done way more on Shenzhen.

Guangzhou is an old city with a history dating back centuries.

Modern Shenzhen, by comparison, really sprang into existence only after the end of the Cultural Revolution, following the death of Chairman Mao. It is in many ways the living embodiment of Deng Xiaoping’s maxim “To Get Rich is Glorious”.

Best food in China, in my opinion.

But I digress. However, if you have read this far, why not leave a comment below?  If you do, I’ll email you a free copy of How Not To Avoid Jet Lag & other tales of travel madness.




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