Over the years I’ve gotten to work with a number of very gifted artists, fellow authors and journalists, photographers and filmmakers, bloggers, digital nomads and creative souls who, like myself, are increasingly difficult to categorize. On this page you’ll find a brief description of various partners-in-art and how I know them, as well (of course) as links to their own ongoing concerns.

Stephanie HuffmanStephanie Huffman AKA Twilight: My soulmate, life partner and co-author. We wrote Formosa Moon together. Her blog Twilly 23: Crafting Chaos One Stitch at a Time is where she writes about fiber art, knitting, and increasingly stuff about Taiwan. (Illustration by David Lee Ingersoll.)

Collaborators_Carrie_KellenbergerCarrie Kellenberger, My Several Worlds: Carrie is my official BlogMistress and SEO Goddess, as well as a killer blogger, writer, photographer, disability advocate, Canadian patriot, narrator of the expatriate spirit and all around awesome human being. Though there are many shots of her at My Several Worlds, I’m using this one because I took it myself.

Collaborators_David Lee IngersollDavid Lee Ingersoll, Skookworks: In addition to creating the icons for Formosa Moon (a job he was able to do at the last moment), David Lee Ingersoll and I collaborated on How Not to Avoid Jet Lag and other tales of travel madness. I wrote the stories, he provided the illustrations. A highly talented cartoonist, illustrator and general graphics mercenary, if you’ve know my work, seen my twitter icon, or had me give you a business card somewhere in Asia, you’ve seen the work of David Lee Ingersoll. Indeed, the banner on the top of this very site is David’s work. I’m planning to do a graphic novel with DLE at some point in the future.

Collaborators_Sarah ByamSarah Byam is David’s wife and a dear friend of mine. I interned with Sarah in Seattle in the early 1990’s when she was writing a a variety of comic books for different publishers including the series Mode Extreme and Black Canary. She also wrote individual stories for Elfquest, What If, Glyph and other publications. Her best known work is probably Billi 99.