Formosa Moon

Formosa Moon (working cover)

“When Stephanie and I first realized we were in love, I gave her the talk: Specifically, that as much as I loved her, I’d always also love Taiwan, and if she stayed with me she’d have to share me with the other love of my life. Formosa Moon is a chronicle of an open-ended adventure designed to seduce Stephanie into falling in love with Taiwan.

Formosa Moon is a romantic & geeky cultural exploration around Taiwan undertaken by a couple; one, a seasoned guidebook writer intimately familiar with Taiwan, the other a first-time visitor relocating to Taiwan sight unseen.

Part travelogue, part guidebook, Formosa Moon will inspire readers to explore Taiwan on a deeper level while simultaneously offering practical travel information on living in Taiwan and expatriate life in general. 

Publisher: Things Asian Press (

Publication Date: Spring, 2018

Target Audience: Travelers and readers of guidebooks and travel literature. Readers specifically interested in Taiwan and expatriate life in general. Taiwanese readers interested in seeing Taiwan through western eyes (Chinese translation planned for 2018).

(More to come!)