How Not to Avoid Jet Lag

March 16, 2019: From now until April Fools Day I’m giving away free copies of How Not To Avoid Jet Lag. See details below. (I mean, if you feel like paying for it, hey, be my guest. But yeah…free. See below.)

Nineteen travel writing tales ranging from new journalism to exotic hallucination.

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How Not to Avoid Jet Lag Nineteen stories from the increasingly deranged mind of travel Writer Joshua Samuel Brown, with illustrations by David Lee Ingersoll.

“I’ve often thought that guidebook writing attracts the mad, the bad and the slightly crazed. If he didn’t start that way – perhaps a pre-writing career as a bike messenger helped – his years on the road have certainly contributed to Joshua’s off-kilter take on the world.”
 – Tony Wheeler, Lonely Planet Co-founder.

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Among the off-kilter tales in How Not to Avoid Jet Lag & Other Tales of Travel Madness:

    • My Parents Are Little People, a story of the bizarre lengths a travel writer will go in pursuit of a hotel review;
    • Supper in Uyghurville, a gritty tale of menace, drugs and journalism from Beijing’s darkest hutong;
    • The Milky Teat of Serendipity, a hallucinatory flight of fancy featuring Singaporean Prime Ministers, Taiwanese presidents and a wandering goat-milk salesgirl;
  • The Worst Place in the World, strong contender for the “travel story most likely to garner a cease and desist letter from Ikea: award.

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Click Here for all other E-book formats. (Smashwords)

Er…there was mention of YOU giving ME a free copy of this book?

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Q: Is there a catch?

A: No. I mean, you could leave me a review on Amazon, but I won’t hold you to that.

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A: No. Now go leave a reply. If you don’t get a book from me within a day or so, email me at josambro…blah blah blah… and I’ll sort it out. (Dealing with some horrible wordpress complication…)

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