Life In New Garden City

Snapshots of Life in New Garden City
Life in New Garden City

By and large we researched and wrote Formosa Moon in the first half of 2017, turning it into the publisher in August of 2017 for publication about a year later. Though not through design, a major character in the book turned out to be the neighborhood we lived in during this period, a strange little corner of New Taipei City called Garden City.

Though beautiful, Life in Garden City was a challenge, for a number of reasons. On the day we moved out, I shot this short video from our home there, figuring that when the book came out readers might think we were exaggerating the, er, unusual conditions of the place. (One chapter was called “BARK! BARK! YIP! YIP!” – which was a compromise from the original “Fucking Dogs!” )

I had actually lived in Garden City as a younger man, back in 2002, so I guess I should have known what I was in for. Anyway, it’s been almost two years since we left, and the experience is taking on something of a rosy hue.

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Formosa Moon
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