Cinema Analysis With Clarissa Rothminder

The Many Characters of Stephanie Huffman

For two years, Stephanie Huffman was an integral part of Portland-based radio comedy trio Puppet Radio Theater. In addition to playing 1/3 of the titular Puppet Radio Theater Trio as Hazel, a pink hand-puppet with a distinct voice, Stephanie also voiced several reoccurring characters in various sketches. Below are some of examples.

Clarissa Rothminder

An embittered film critic whose seen a surprisingly limited number of actual films. Not surprisingly, she has trouble holding onto jobs, bouncing from one program to another with alarming frequency. We first meet Clarissa on her show Cinema Analysis, where she berates a clearly unprepared Martin Freeman about his role on stage and screen, as well as his height.

Cinema Analysis With Clarissa Rothminder

Media Analysis With Clarissa Rothminder
Having lost her previous show, Clarissa is back for a surprisingly sympathetic (and somewhat Meta) interview with Floyd Rosewater, founder of Puppets Against Puppet Persecution (himself a puppet) concerning Mel Gibson’s abuse and subsequent puppet murder in the film The Beaver.

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