A reluctant American spiritual leader

A fake viral video

A media-driven propaganda war between America and China that spirals out of control.

Spinning Karma is the East-Collides-With-West farce the world needs – and deserves – now.


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Spinning Karma by Joshua Samuel Brown


“Maybe it’s not surprising that I so readily fell into this story about a reluctant American cult guru who runs into unexpected complications on a trip to Taiwan, because I happen to be, in real life, a reluctant cult guru who ran into unexpected complications on a trip to China. What did surprise me was the vivid writing, so rich in detail that it caused me both kinds of flashbacks (the exquisite, and the terrifying). “

~ Rev. Ivan Stang, Sacred Scribe #273 of The Church of the SubGenius

“As The Bitter Buddha, I heartily recommend this cynical and funny book. If you don’t read Spinning Karna, the winds of change may destroy your serenity. Great book!” ~ Eddie Pepitone

"Anyone conversant with the spiritual journeying of the past 40 or so years, and aware of modern media hijinx and political realities will find 'Spinning Karma' a delightful and insightful read. Readers will find familiar characters and archetypes thinly disguised in this kind yet mischievous, funny yet serious paradoxical parable."

~ Steve Bhaerman aka Swami Beyondananda, Author and Comedian

‘Buddhist comedy’ gold:
"Joshua Samuel Brown’s first novel is a fast-paced, hilarious and highly cynical ride that hits too close to reality despite its absurdist shenanigans. It covers a lot of territory and pokes fun at a wide range of phenomena within its 240 pages, but the book can be devoured in one go without much problem. Nothing is as it seems as Brown hurls the reader through countless twists and turns, and the narrative flows and makes sense despite the madness that unfolds up until the very end."

~ Taipei Times Book Review

“Published in 2020, it’s amazing how well Spinning Karma drops into the current news cycle (especially the parallels between Brown’s fictional Colorado congresswoman Heather Hoffman and real-life rightwing nut job Lauren Boebert). Other details place this story in a post-Trump world, allowing Brown to take a swipe at nearly everybody, including both right- and left-leaning media channels and the way information and news are shared in general. A fun read that delivers on the absurdity of the plot.”

~ Joshua Berman, The Tranquilo Traveler / Elevation Outdoors Magazine 

“Joshua Samuel Brown manages to avoid all the cliches to produce a remarkably insightful novel. Chinese officials are presented as human beings and Western journalists as well-meaning people unable to escape their prejudices.”

~ Nury Vittachi, HK Standard

“Joshua Samuel Brown’s satirical look at Buddhism, cults, various media landscapes and the ways in which people respond to manipulation (and spin) is both gloriously entertaining and quietly thought provoking.”
~ Cat Thomas, Ketagalan Media

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Brown is a gifted writer, and paints a vivid picture of Taiwan.

Patrick Sean Taylor
— Clamor Magazine

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