Travel Consultant

…Can I confide in you?

Having published four books and more articles than I can even begin to count about Taiwan – and taking on a full time job as editor in chief of Taiwan Scene Magazine (the publishing arm of MyTaiwanTour) – writing about Taiwan has become, well…a job.

Traveling in Taiwan is still a pleasure, and luckily my gig has me doing tons of that. But my real passion these days is bringing other people around Taiwan.

I started doing customized Taiwan tours in 2015 with Washington-based Bicycle Adventures, planning and co-leading two tours around the island in the autumn of that year.

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I still act as consultant for cyclists looking to do rides all over Taiwan, and my work with MyTaiwanTour has me doing tons of travel for research. Every now and again I’m asked to customize tours for groups looking for unique, personalized experiences incorporating cycling, cuisine, culture, hiking, art, serious urban exploration and more. Sometimes I even wind up acting as interpreter for groups.

If you’re interested in having me customize a trip for you through MyTaiwanTour, drop me a line through the form below.

Also, check out this video, one of several made by William Tiao of Going Awesome Places, who I & MyTaiwanTour had the pleasure of showing around Taiwan on his recent Taiwan Tourism Bureau sponsored trip.